Sauna World in Karhusaari

Our Sauna World can be your meeting room or just a relaxing part of your stay at the island.

Karhusaari Sauna World is in the middle of the enchantingly beautiful Finnish archipelago and Gulf of Finland.

You can admire the most perfect and relazing sea view. Be part of this incredible, amazing nature with slashing waves, birds flying overhead, the sound of silence...

Our SAUNA is located over 10 meters above the sea level with the most magnificent sea view. Sauna bathes in natural light by having two big windows on two of its walls. Your body and mind will relax totally in gentle smooth warmness.

When stepping outside from sauna, panorama terrace facing the sea and jacuzzi will continue your path to relaxation. Either sit down in the jacuzzi or follow the wooden path down the rocly cliffs to the pier and dip into the sea.

From the terrace you can see skylines and coast of both Kotka and Hamina. Several factory chimneys such as Sunila, Kotka Mills, Google. Cranes of Port of Hamina and several wind mills on the shore.

You will find all sauna necessities, towels, shampoos, conditioners, hairdryers and plenty of cold drinks from the fridge.

Sauna has also spare room with the fireplace with the view which you are welcome to use for your meetings or just for relaxing.